News and Updates

Congrats to Annika Ozols for the approval of her travel award to SFN 2022!

The UArizona Graduate and Professional Student Council approved my application of GPSC Travel Grant - November 2022. The award was funded at the maximum amount allowed ($1000) by the GPSC for individual domestic travel. It was used to travel to the Society of Neuroscience conference 2022.

We welcome Monique Martinez to the lab this spring!

We want to welcome Monique Martenez! She joins the lab this spring for a rotation during her first year as a Clinical Translational Sciences PhD student. 

We welcome Dr. Ahmad Kareem Almekkawi to the lab!

We would like to welcome Dr. Ahmad Kareem Almekkawi to the lab as our new Postdoc!

Congrats to Ketan Marballi PhD, and Dr. Gallitano MD,PhD, for the article that published in Translational Psychiatry!

Congats to all for the paper "Identification of activity-induced Egr3-dependent genes reveals genes associated with DNA damage response and schizophrenia" recently published in Translational Psychiatry August 2022!

Here is the link to the paper

Congratulations to Annika Ozols!

Congratulations to Annika Ozols for her acceptance into the master’s program, ”Clinical Translational Sciences” starting fall of 2022 at the University of Arizona!

UArizona News Article "Sleep Deprivation Increases Serotonin 2A Receptor" Response in Mouse Brain

Congrats to Dr. Gallitano for the UArizona News article that was released.

Please use the link below to access the article.

Streamlining Schizophrenia Diagnosis with a Simple Test

Congrats to Dr. Gallitano for this article published on the Health Science Connect Website!

Follow the link below to read the article

Welcome New Members to the Lab!

We would like to welcome our newest members to the lab!

Aronee Hossain, Farah Shrourou, and Machila Dennis-Mohler.

Amelia Gallitano promoted to tenured Professor! Congratulations!

Amelia is the second female to be promoted to tenured professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix. For more information click the link.

Congratulations to our graduate student Kimberly Meyers for receiving her PhD!

Kimberly Meyers has earned her PhD! Congratulations!

Congratulations to all our lab volunteers who graduated Spring 2020!

Congratulations to our undergraduate volunteers Annika Ozols, Rami Khoshaba, and Aisha Aden for completing their Barrett Honors Thesis and ASU bachelor degrees! Congratulations to Aneri Metha for graduating from Basis High School!  

Congratulations to Kimberly Meyers for passing comprehensive exam!

Kimberly passed her comprehensive exam in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neuroscience in August, 2019!

Dr. Gallitano interviewed for Women in Medicine Month

As Chair of Women in Medicine and Science, Dr. Gallitano introduced the UACOM-Phx September focus on Women in Medicine: Trailblazers, Advocates and Leaders.

Farewell to Ketan Marballi, Ph.D.

We had a lab lunch to say farewell to Ketan as he finished his post doc fellowship in the lab. We wish him the best of luck in his next position.

We welcome our BMS High School Scholars to the lab this summer 2019

Aneri Mehta and Robert Yalam will be joining our research team this summer as high school interns.

Meghna Godbole is attending Northeastern College in Boston this fall

Congrats to Meghna Godbole, who was our 2018-2019 BMS high school scholar, for accepting to attend Northeastern College this fall!

Arhem Barkatullah was accepted to Medical School!

Congratulations Arhem! Arhem Barkatullah was an undergraduate volunteer in the lab from 2016 - 2018. She was just accepted to medical school and will attend Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth starting fall of 2019.

Dr. Gallitano was interviewed on News 12!

Dr. Gallitano was interviewed on News 12 to discuss recent article on the increase of depression in millennials.

Link to News Article: 
Are Millennias the Most Depressed Generation?

Diana Elizalde, Graduates from the College of Medicine in Phoenix May 2019!

Diana Elizalde is graduating from Medical School May 2019! What a tremedous accomplishment!

Kimberly Meyers, BS Publishes Co-First Author paper with Ketan Marballi, PH.D.

Congratulations to Kimberly Meyers for her Co-First Author paper that discusses EGR3 mediated activity dependent regulation of brain derived neurotrophic factor.