Gallitano Lab Alumni

Aisha Aden

Undergraduate Volunteer 2018-2020

Hannah Austin

Undergraduate Volunteer 2016

Arhem Barkatullah, B.S.

Undergraduate Volunteer 2016-2018

Accepted to Dartmouth College fall of 2019

Kelsey Beck

Undergraduate Volunteer 2018-2019

Amulya Bhaskara

High School Intern summer 2018 - 2019

Manasa Bolla

High School Intern 2014

Fredrick Boyd, Ph.D.

Research Technician 2014
Volunteer 2013-2014
High School Teacher

Samual Brunwasser

M.D./PhD. Student, Washington University
Research Technician 2014-2015
Undergraduate Volunteer 2012-2013

Milad Charbel

Undergraduate Volunteer 2016-2017

Jacob Chernicky

Undergraduate Volunteer 2018

Ryan Chung

Undergraduate Volunteer Summer 2019

Christine Cuhaciyan, B.S.

Volunteer 2009

Machila Dennis-Mohler

Undergraduate Volunteer 2021

Dr. Diana Elizalde

Research Technician 2011- 2015
Medical Student- 2015-2019 Graduated

Ivan Fernandez

Undergraduate Volunteer 2013-2016

Mario Gil, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Researcher 4/2013-12/2013

Meghna Godbole

High School Intern summer 2018 - 2019

Meghna in attending Northeastern College in Boston this fall 2019. Meghna graduated from BASIS Phoenix high school and was with the Gallitano lab from 2018-2019. She looked at gene expression in different neuronal subpopulations in schizophrenia.

Shelby Hoebee

Undergraduate Volunteer 2015-2016

Aronee Hossain

Undergraduate Volunteer 2021

Wendy Ingram, B.S.

Research Specialist 2008-2009

Scott Janowski

Undergraduate Volunteer 2008-2009 summers

Jordan Jarvis

Undergraduate Volunteer 2010-2011

Christy Kamel

Undergraduate Volunteer 2010-2012

Katie Alexis Kaufman

Undergraduate Volunteer 2013-2015

Rami Khoshaba

Undergraduate Volunteer 2018- 2021

Mahdieh Khosroheidari, B.S.

Volunteer 2010

Sarah Levine, B.S.

Research Technician 2009 - 2010

James Lish

Undergraduate Volunteer 2011-2012

Amanda Maple, Ph.D.

Medical Science Liaison at Alkermes
Post Doctoral Researcher 2013-2017

Ketan Marballi, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Researcher 2016 - 2019

Ketan is interested in understanding the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders.  He currently focuses on identifying molecular targets of immediate early genes and their role in neuroprotection. In his spare time Ketan enjoys singing and tennis.

Andrew McBride, B.S.

Physican's Assistant Student Midwestern University
Research Technician 2013-2016
Undergraduate Volunteer 2012-2013

Aneri Mehta

High School Intern summer 2019 - 2021

Kimberly Meyers, B.S.

Graduate Student 2015 - 2020

I am a third year graduate student in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neuroscience studying the mechanisms of acute stress and its regulation of an immediate early gene, early growth response protein 3, Egr3 and the neurotrophic factor Bdnf. I received my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biophysics from the University of Arizona, during which time I completed a thesis project that involved examining aromatic amino acid residues that facilitate the electron transfer rate of human sulfite oxidase, an enzyme critical for oxidizing sulfites to sulfates. After graduating, I spent a year at the Biosphere 2 conducting research on volatile organic compounds emitted by the Mangifera indica, followed by another two years as a research specialist at the University of Arizona isolating fungal colonies from soil samples obtained from regions within Africa to establish a viable biocontrol to limit the spread of aflatoxins. I moved to Phoenix Arizona to pursue medical research and joined Dr. Gallitano’s laboratory as a technician in the fall of 2015, and joined the graduate program in the fall of 2016. In my free time I enjoy hiking, playing catch with my dog Beowulf, cooking, watching indie films, and traveling across the country.

Abhinav Mishra

Undergraduate Volunteer 2013-2015

Amber Monib

Undergraduate Volunteer 2010-2012

Leela Muppana, M.S.

Research Technician 2008-2012

Luisa Murillo

High School Intern 2016

Nithara Murthy

High School Intern summer 2017 through spring 2018

Serena Noss

High School Intern 2017

Emma Offenberg

High School Intern summer 2017 through spring 2018

Iosef Perez

Undergraduate Volunteer Summer 2023
Flinn Foundation Scholar

Sanja Pudar

Volunteer 2016-2017

Carren Raskin

Undergraduate Volunteer- 2017- 2018

Jack Resnik

Undergraduate Volunteer 2010-2011

Derek Reznik, B.S.

Undergraduate Volunteer 2015-2017

Wilfredo Rodrigues

Undergraduate Volunteer 2009-2010

Alissa Sabatino

Undergraduate Volunteer 2013-2015

Kirk Schmitz

Undergraduate Volunteer 2013-2015

Farah Shrourou

Undergraduate Volunteer 2021

Melissa Smallwood

Undergraduate Volunteer

Andrew TenElshof

High School Intern 2015

Anila Tynan

High School Intern summer 2016

Annika Vannan, B.S.

Graduate Student (Rotation ASU) 11/2016- 6/2017

Philip Wiener

Undergraduate Volunteer 2008-2010

Collin Xa

Undergraduate Volunteer 2013-2014 summers

Robert Yalam

High School intern summer 2019

Xiuli Zhao, Ph.D.

Graduate Student 11/2012-6/2017
Received Ph.D. Spring 2018